• Updated the tutorial so that it actually works with the current J2DA. Thanks to Malohkan for the heads up.
  • Major addition to the framework coming: sound sub-system. This will let you play mp3, wav, ogg format sound files in your J2DA application, with support for up to 32 channels. Expect it within the next week or so.

Minor additions to the framework - SpriteButton is a notable one. AnimatedButton, TimeControls and a new tutorial for this page also planned. Goal in the next couple of weeks is to flesh out the "usability" of J2DA.

New team member: aasimon. Project is not dead. :)

No news for a few weeks. But we have worked quite hard on J2DA. A new release is not very far away. Some changes we made:
  • Added a GamePanel. Now you can add a J2DA Panel to every AWT/Swing application.
  • Added a Example-Launcher. Look at the Image, it makes it possible to lauch an example. You can even specify wich implementation (Jogl/J2DA) it should use.
  • Added a new Example (MagicEightBall) that uses the new GamePanel.
If you can't wait, feel free to check out the cvs ;).

Btw.: A new developer joined us, called thebohemian. He wrote the Launcher. If you want to join our team, feel free to contact us!

Added a Button. If you use this Library in your games, feel free to add it :).

Added a Tutorial.

Version 0.2 is released. Two examples were added, Timer-Handling was added and a few Bugs were fixed.
One Bug is left: One Routine in the Font-Handling does not function 100% in Java2D mode. The draw(int x, int y, String text, J2DAColor color) doesn't change the Color of the Font.

The Homepage is up and running. Hope you enjoy your stay :). Kev has created a small BoulderDash Example using the J2DA-Library. You can try it here. The source for it is in the CVS.

The first release. Get it here...

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